Pastoral Care

In his time on earth Jesus spent a lot of time caring for those around him and called His disciples to do the same. Here at Christ Church we have a Pastoral Team, which works alongside our Home Groups to try and offer support, friendship and a listening ear. If you would like more information, or know some who needs care and support please contact  the Church Office on 01394 282204.


We regard pray as being a high priority here at Christ Church and an important way that we can grow in our relationship with God, and share in His purposes for the world and care for those in need. Prayer is very much part of our worship and the life of our Home Groups, and we meet at 7.30pm every Tuesday in church for a cup of tea and a time of prayer, as well as at other times when there are special needs in the world, or the church or special things that are coming up. For more information please contact the church office on 01394 548929

Prayer after Services

Jesus said that “He came that we might have life and have it in all its fullness.” We believe that as part of the Good News of the Gospel Jesus wants us to experience a fullness and wholeness of life in Him in body mind and spirit. As part of this he entrusted this ministry to his disciples and His followers after He returned to His Father in heaven, but he didn’t leave us on our own to do this he sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us. So in order to follow his command we have a team of folk available to pray for people, whatever their needs in confidence after our services, and sometimes during the service itself on particular occasions.

Please do come to the front after the Service, there will be people there who would be pleased to pray for you.

Home Groups

Meeting together in homes was an important part of the life of the early church, and it is very much at the heart of our life here at Christ Church. Home Groups are great places to make friends, grow through bible study and prayer and be able to support each other. We have a number of groups of between 6 and 12 people who meet in different areas on different nights of the week, mainly fortnightly. If you would like more information please contact the office.